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Is The Nuggets’ Ty Lawson Among Elite Point Guards

Since coming out of North Carolina a few years ago, Denver’s Ty Lawson has walked the thin line between elite and just very good. There is a small class of point guards in the NBA who might be considered elite. When healthy, Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo are at the top of that list. Russell Westbrook of Oklahoma City is also near the top, and Tony Parker might be considered elite, even at his advanced Read the rest of this entry »

Why Winter Is Colorado’s Best Time For Sports Fans

During the coldest months of the year in the State of Colorado, three professional teams from three different sports showcase their talents in the Mile High City.

The Denver Broncos have been wowing football fans for decades at Mile High. Although they play only eight regular season games there, the Denver faithful line up at Sports Authority Field every Sunday for some of the most awesome tailgating parties ever. The stadium packs over 75,000 diehard fans that are best known as the Bronco Nation.

The Denver Nuggets Read the rest of this entry »

The Ten Best Colorado Ski Resorts For Beginners

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as stepping into freshly waxed skis and hitting the fresh powder. Colorado is well-known for the great skiing it provides, but a beginning skier may be intimidated by the size of the more crowded lodges. Colorado has many fine resorts that are perfect for beginning skiers of all ages.

Winter Park is an excellent choice for a beginning skier. While Winter Park does feature some slopes for advanced skiers, the majority are for new snow sports enthusiasts. The staff at Winter Park is excellent at giving lessons and Read the rest of this entry »

10 Reasons Denver Has The West’s Best Football Fans

There are many reasons why Denver is touted as having the best football fans in the west. Below are ten of the most obvious:

1. The Broncos are dedicated to giving the fans an exciting game and winning season.

2. Colorado State University (CSU) encourages fans to come out to spring training and gives fans a great show, even during practice.

3. More fans show up to Denver games wearing team sportswear and colors than in other cities.

4. Everyone loves him, but it is the Denver fans that have Peyton Manning.

5. Read the rest of this entry »

Five Reasons To Visit Denver’s Whitewater Course

Whitewater kayakers and boaters get their fill of fun and rapids at Denver’s whitewater park and course, designed in the 1970s by the McLaughlin water design group. If you want fun and excitement in near urban environment, head over to the mile high city and have some whitewater action.

Stay within an urban area and get all the whitewater hijinx you can possibly want. Hit the rapids, test your skills then head out to the city for food, for urban style.

Stay green. Using one of the designed Read the rest of this entry »

Why Colorado Have The Best Sports Fans In Nation

Colorado is a hotbed of sports activity. It has a young energetic base of residents who enjoy sports of every description. Baseball, football, hockey and basketball are considered the Big 4in most parts of the country. Colorado has them all with the Denver Broncos of the NFL, the Colorado Avalanche NHL team, MLB’s Colorado Rockies and the Nuggets of basketball fame; not bad for a city of this size.

Some say that the fresh mountain air invigorates the fans. Others claim that Read the rest of this entry »

Does High Altitudes Really Affect Athletic Competition In Colorado?

People who watch sports often hear about how the high-altitude of Colorado affects sports and sports performance. Some athletes actually go to Colorado in the off-season to train in hopes of reaping some of the benefits of high-altitude training.

One way that playing sports in high-altitude affects the game is endurance. Players who are not accustomed to playing under such conditions can have some endurance issues. The home team will usually have the advantage because they are used to the conditions.

Baseball is affected by play in Colorado. When the ball is Read the rest of this entry »

Five Reasons Why Nuggets Will Get Into Playoffs

The Denver Nuggets have been a solid force throughout the course of the post-Carmelo Anthony era, and they will be making the playoffs this year. There are several reasons for this, starting of course with their high-powered offense. All year long, the Nuggets have been near or at the top of the charts with regards to points per game and offensive efficiency. Secondly, not only are they scoring more points than most teams out there, they’re also shooting the ball well, living in the high forties in field goal percentage, DIRECT TV Aurora, topping the league.Want more? Click here{{/tag} Beyond offensive prowess, the third reason that these young Nuggets will make the playoffs is just that: their youthful exuberance. In the trade for Carmelo Anthony, Denver picked up some talented and versatile young assets, and when combining that with their rookie Kenneth Faried who has been stepping up and dominating the boards lately, you have a youth movement on your hands. Fourth, Danilo Gallinari has taken his place as a strong leader of this team, hitting big shots when necessary. And finally, you can’t go wrong with veteran George Karl at the helm; the man is a machine, and will continue to push his team forward.